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Георги Победоносец

Posted by Mari-ana на май 6, 2009

Преди почти 20 години, все още замаяна от упойката, отговарям на въпроса как ще се казва новороденият ми син, точно така – Георги, Победоносец! Не съм го мислила предварително, думите сами са отлетяли. Като наричане или желание – не знам. Но е истина, че победите съпътстват живота му. 🙂 И дано винаги бъде така! 😀

Честит Имен Ден на всички, които носят името на този светец!

Бъдете живи и здрави! С усмивка, ведрост и силен дух побеждавайте и бъдете щастливи! Нека любовта изпълва сърцето ви! Нека мечтите ви водят напред! 🙂

Честит Имен Ден, сине! Обичам те!!! 🙂

„Свети Георги“ – Каналето


9 Коментари to “Георги Победоносец”

  1. Жени said

    Да ти е жив и здрав, Мари! И все така да преборва пречките в живота си! 🙂
    Днес и аз имам именик-баща ми, та благодаря за пожеланията от негово име 😉
    Хубав празник!!!

  2. Mari-ana said

    Благодаря, Жени! Да ти е жив и здрав и твоя именик! 🙂 Пак съвпадение за празнуване. 😉
    Надявам се, че денят ви е бил изпълнен с весело, празнично настроение, както и нашия! 😀

  3. вили said

    И от мен жив, здрав, обичан, щастлив и успешен! Весел празник! 😉

  4. Да ви е жив и здрав, прав и корав!

  5. Mari-ana said

    Благодаря, Вили!
    Благодаря Ви, Графе! 🙂

  6. mordikus said

    красива песен! beautiful song, many thanks for sharing Mariana. Can anyone give me some more information about Kanaleto and this song (in english 🙂 ?)

  7. Mari-ana said

    Hi, Mordikus! In 1990 a group of students create both humoristic and satiric television show called “Ku-ku”. It became popular very quickly and since some of the students were musicians they started to sing various songs – in the beginning mostly covers of popular songs with altered text according to the things they discus on the show and in time they started to create their own songs. At the same time the band “Ku-ku bend” was created, which exist to this very day.
    The TV show “Ku-ku”, after a while, was canceled (the story behind its cancellation is very interesting, but also very long 🙂 ). After a few months, the enthusiasts in that student group create a new show called “Kanaleto”. Not long after it aired, the show encountered some problems and it was replaced by “Hushove”. 🙂 As you may guess “Hushove” also encountered many problems which ended in the year 2000, when a new show airs “Slavi’s show” (in Bulgarian “Shouto na Slavi”). This is a link to the web site of the show – there is an English version.
    There you will find a page named “music”, where you can find the complete discography of the published albums since 1993 up until today. The song “Saint George” (in Bulgarian “Sveti Georgi”) is in the album from 1994 called “Roma TV”.
    The song is a cover version of a gipsy song which became very popular by Goran Bregovic and his band. Here is a link to the song in the gypsy version – „Ederlezi“.

    “Kanaleto” and “Ku-ku bend” put Bulgarian text over the music of that song. That song also has a Serbian version found under the name of “Georgev Dana”/”Jeorjev dana” (in Bulgarian “Djeordjev dana”)
    P.S. 2
    Most of these names might vary (in the search engines) since the names are kinda hard to translate.

  8. mordikus said

    Good morning Mari-Ana !!! thank you for this information. I have found a number of nice songs. I guess I will need your help again 😉
    Have a nice week-end !

  9. Mari-ana said

    Greeting, Mordikus! 🙂 I’m glad that the information I provide is of help to you. It would be a pleasure to help you again. 🙂
    And have a nice weekend your self!

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